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Services Overview

IGI Pension Fund Managers Ltd (IGI PFM) is poised to have a competitive edge in the market by developing services that meets the needs and requirements of all employees and its members. This includes the following:

  • Review, design and implement the communication of pension benefits
  • Ensure that all Trustees and Companies comply with all Legislation (Especially the Pension Reform Acts 2004)
  • Help desk which answers all Pension related queries, which can be available to the company and/or to individual members as required.
  • Review all new legislation and its likely impact on the company\'s pension provision and offer effective solution
  • Continual review of pension benefit to see if they meet the company\'s objective
  • Serve as the first point of call for any pension related question, be it from senior employees or individual members
  • Prompt delivery of Pins and Certificates
  • Regular delivery of statement of accounts
  • SMS alerts:
  • For inquires such as registration and contribution.
  • Celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  • Forum or conference notifications
  • 24 hrs Online services


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